The future of earth, nature and human the subject of an exhibition of works at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under the auspices of collection and Eneris

From 20 April to 26 May 2024, the exhibition ‘Early Warning System’ is on display at the Czapski Palace of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The starting point of the exhibition are paintings by Rajmund Ziemski, one of the most prominent representatives of post-war Polish painting, juxtaposed with works by contemporary artists from Poland and abroad: Matthias Garff, Diana Lelonek, Joanna Rajkowska, Anna Siekierska, Bartek Zalewski, Weronika Zalewska and Zoe (Małgorzata Gurowska and Agata Szydłowska). All the works are united by the artists’ anxiety about the future of the earth, nature and man.

“Early Warning System” includes the artist’s paintings from two series – “Birds” and “Eyes” – in which Ziemski sensitises viewers to issues of ecology, the situation and human responsibility towards other species and all of existence. Themes related to ecology and touching on man’s responsibility towards nature are particularly important to collection and Eneris. collection’s leading thematic axis is works treating the environment and man’s relationship with nature. Eneris is associated with the environmental industry. The company’s objectives include developing environmental awareness and promoting action to protect our planet.