Eneris Constellation includes an Alternative Investment Fund Management company,

Transition Capital

Eneris' fundraising process invites investors to participate in Eneris' mission through regulated and non regulated vehicles dedicated to Energy Transition, and aimed at developing business segments that will lead to a more sustainable future:

  • Waste and material recovery
  • Waste-to-energy and cogeneration
  • District heating and other infrastructures
  • Renewables and energy storage technologies

A specific management company, Eneris Transition Capital  S.A. (currently Eneris Capital Management S.A.) is dedicated to presenting investors with specific solutions. It is a registered Alternative Investment Fund Management company, registered with the Luxembourg regulator CSSF.

AIFM Eneris Transition Capital is raising capital in conjunction with the pipeline of projects and ventures developed by and around the Eneris group.


  • It promotes asset intensive businesses, with high barriers to entry and proven technology, operating in regulated environment or benefitting from contractual arrangements, and offering predictable, stable cash flows. Infrastructure / Energy Transition is currently one of the best asset classes, has strong downside protection and offers good yields and high liquidity for investors.

Investment opportunities are secured by the connection with Eneris ?, i.e. one of the best available investment platforms in this market segment in Central Europe (Visegrad countries and Germany) – as it offers access to): an experienced team with ongoing operations, a good pipeline and obvious synergies.

To that effect it is proposing various forms of vehicles and solutions:

For a capital-risk approach, Eneris SICAR S.C.A. has been registered with the the Luxembourg regulator CSSF as a share partnership.

For long term positions on infrastructures, Eneris Transition S.A. are launching Eneris ELTIF S.C.A. (European Long Term Investment Fund), also as a share partnership.


Both Eneris SICAR S.C.A. and Eneris ELTIF S.C.A. are designed in order to:


  • secure known regulatory advantages, (norms, security, taxation)
  • define an unambiguous part of role and interests between Eneris group –with Eneris Transition, acting as a General Partner- and investors, acting as Limited Partners,
  • provide Fund Investors with comfortable liquidity events delivering high return on invested capital.

Eneris Transition Capital team is committed to structure and implementing optimal solutions that will allow investors ito access Eneris’ new developments.


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