Vision & Mission

At Eneris, our activities for sustainable development are based on a holistic approach of circular economy and energy transition: Clean land, air & water

Our founder’s vision is that sustainable development is our civilizational and existential responsibility.

It concerns each of us individually, collectively via ONGs, municipalities, local and central governments, and via economic actors – companies.

Most human activities impact the environment. Production and consumption generate various quantities of waste, generate various pollutions, require energy and consume water.

At Eneris, we consider waste as a resource, energy transition beyond wind and solar, water recovery and re-use a must.

A holistic approach means in practice extending the value chain of waste management (recycling, raw materials recovery, and products from recycling) and integrating energy transition (exploiting synergies to recover energy from biowaste, from any calorific waste and from waste-water treatments).

Increasing recycling levels and energy recovery requires investments in new technologies and implementing them locally, outside of labs and conferences.


To be efficient, we believe that:


  • solutions are always local – clusters, smart cities etc.- as we are moving from a centralized and specialized world into a decentralized and integrated one.
  • Innovation is multi-faceted: “hard” technologies (ways to produce, recycle, generate thermal and electric energy), “soft” technologies (digitalization), logistics, and “new business praciticices” , ways to organize business and think, ways to finance (maximizing both available funding to manage growth and fair remuneration for funding providers).

Strategic challenge and targets



There are significant synergies between these market sectors:

technologies, flows, clients, financial & industrial models.

Waste & water

Waste contains not only raw materials but also fuels - thermal potential to be recovered through incineration, gasification or biogas production. Water preservation requires efficient industrial, mining and municipal waste-water treatments which should, ideallygenerate energy instead of consuming it. Sludges are waste with the potential of becoming an energy source. At ENERIS we strive to excel in waste and waste-water collection, but also the treatment, recycling, utilisation and management, of any other type of waste.


Energy transition from fossil fuels to alternative, clean and renewable sources. “Smart Cities” are based on eTransportation and “distributed” energy (domestic production and consumption) from cogeneration, with an emphasis on efficient energy storage. At ENERIS we are building w2e and bigas plants largely based on our own alternative fuel supply, and investing in renewable energy sources and their storage. We have a particular interest in transforming coal based district heating (in Poland 2nd biggest in Europe but 1st per habitant).

Business Models


There are many synergies and new models in existence between operators which hold the markets and technology and finance providers.

OPERATIONS: Infrastructure, logistics and services.

Capex intensive, recurrent revenues. High barriers of entry and controlled access to markets. More efficient if a critical mass is reached in any given territory.

At Eneris we believe in investing through the whole value chain of logistics, services and installations.

CLEANTECH: Innovations implemented.

Technology providers and engineering.
Proprietary, original, innovative and more efficient technologies with proper guarantees. In some cases production constitutes a key competitive advantage and can open markets for operators.

FINANCING: high growth, adequate margins, long-term perspectives, direct access to capital & assets

Financing available from many institutional, public and private sources, ESG / Green Deal driven. But deployment of capital insufficient as most funds do not have sufficient pipeline of investments and projects, trusted by industrial players, and have inadequate time horizon.

At Eneris we believe operational excellence should be associated with sound and innovative financial management. We reinvest all our profits, promote co-investments with financial investors and give access to investors to our pipeline and execution capacity via our own funds.

Key Success Factors


New market approach requires building expertise (know-how), innovation in both technologies and business strategies, and integration: vertical, horizontal and market consolidation.

KNOW-HOW: Proven track record

Market changes and growth require specific expertise, experience, references etc.

At Eneris we are investing in people, teams integration, multidisciplinary cross-fertilization, digital tools, education and initiatives.


We are living in an environment which needs innovation, but is facing many obstacles, financial, regulatory and business. Convergence of technologies and business practices are main drivers of ESG investments.

At Eneris we believe innovation does not concern only technologies but business models. We are dedicated to innovation: decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization.


Holistic approach to environment protection requires more efficency: vertical integraton / value chain prolongation, search for synergies, Vertical integration (analysis of the value chain), transferring and combining technologies, new business models (ie. product as a service, in financing AssetCo/OpCo and other).

At Eneris we believe in innovation and holistic approach. We are dedicated to broadly defined market consolidation.) Market consolidation

Shaping the future together with Eneris group

As part of our Green Deal-compliant strategy and environmental responsibility, Eneris group commits to achieving the following environmental objectives:

Eneris group’s top priority is to convert natural resources into energy for people and drive society’s progress in a circular economy. This is not just a business goal for the group, but also our work philosophy for long-term growth and market expansion.


By operating in a circular economy model, we contribute to the sustainable development of cities and industries.

For Eneris, the idea of the future inspiring all employees of the organization is to further develop a diversified and integrated international group with a presence in the European market.


Digital transformation for environmental sustainability.

As Eneris group, we are a company that is growing and working for sustainable development. Our mission is to actively participate in the greatest challenge of the century: the preservation and retrieval of clean air, land, and water. In practice, it means activities aimed at: