Brand Value Management

We think about our brand with a vision for the future knowing that the future starts today

Climate challenges have been a strong driver of our company’s growth for several years. Environmental sustainability in synergy with investments in innovative technologies, infrastructure development, energy transition, digititalization of processes and a stream of knowledge is the spectrum of Eneris’ approach to the circular economy.


The company’s vision is a long-term vision of development, expressing expectations and ambitions. It is the idea of the future that inspires action. The mission, on the other hand, is a method of operation that defines how the company achieves its goals. It is an action map that leads to specific results. In short: vision is a goal and mission is a means to achieve it.

Shaping the brand value

Eneris ID Project S.A. leads the Eneris group's brand management, strategic development, talent gathering and capital raising activities.

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History of our brand

1991 - Artur Dela creates first companies in France

1998 - The current Eneris group is established in Luxembourg

This was followed by early recognition of the environmental challenge - energy transition, its implementation initially in the renewable energy industry, and then expansion into waste/water management.

2015 - new Eneris brand in Poland

2022 - Business Superbrands award

2023 - Business Superbrands award

2024 - new brand logotype after refreshment

Artur Dela

Board President

Eneris group is founded and overseen by owner Artur Dela, a Polish-born and French-educated entrepreneur and investor with previous experience in multinational corporations and investments in multiple jurisdictions. He has been involved in major innovation cycles – IT, Digital Media, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy and ESG: launch of the Apple Computers brand in Europe in 1984 (he was head of strategy on behalf of BBDO), European partner of DirecTv, first private shareholder of Eutelsat (€2 billion deal from 2001-2006). Since 2005, he has focused on energy transformation (wind farms and PV in Italy – successful exit to Allianz) and a holistic approach to infrastructure and environmental services (waste, energy). The Eneris brand is the result of his experience and convictions. His current activities are devoted exclusively to this group.

The history of Eneris in Poland began in 2015. Our ambition is to be the leading Polish Sustainable Development Group. The vission that accompanies all our activities is: Clean land, air & water. My vision, which sets the directions for Eneris, includes a few basic points:


  • Waste is a resource
  • Energy should be available, from clean sources
  • Water, as a source of life, should be treated as a treasure
  • Environmental protection must be looked at holistically.

The tasks that I set for Eneris are decentralization, decarbonization and digitization, and the key is to extend the value chain and invest in new innovative installations. For many years, ESG criteria, i.e. full social and economic responsibility, have been our natural code.

Artur Dela

Board President

ID Project Executive Board Members

Natalie Rastoin

Board Member

Jan Kowalczyk

Board Member