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About Eneris

Funded and managed by Artur Dela, a Polish born, French educated, European entrepreneur with American experience, inspired by an Environmental mission.


“I have created Eneris as environmental protection group to participate in the biggest challenge of this century – reconciliation of human activity (industry and consumption require more energy and water, while generate more waste) and nature (climate change, planet resources).


The goal is to build sustainable human activities integrating circular economy and energy transition. This requires a holistic, integrated and innovative approach. Implementation is local to be efficient, however solutions can be shared and rolled out.


I have focused on Poland, my native country, as the first mover country, as this is the fastest growing economy. “The factory of Europe” has specific needs in environment related sectors, with the objective of creating the national champion –in environmental solutions, then be able to grow in the region.”

Vision & Mission

At Eneris, our activities for sustainable development are based on a holistic approach of circular economy and energy transition: Clean Land, Air and Water.

Busines Scope

As Eneris group, we are moving in the direction of transforming natural resources into energy for people and driving society's progress in a closed-loop economy


Innovative Approach

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Key Team Members

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