Our Contribution

to sustainable development

We recover raw materials and reduce landfilling

Our goal is to increase the levels of raw material and energy recovery from municipal and industrial waste. This action is the foundation of the circular economy. That’s why we invest in state-of-the-art waste processing facilities that enable efficient and innovative material recovery and prepare for energy recovery – RDF production.

Closing the loop on plastic film and aiding the environment

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies Eneris Group recycles LDPE films. The result of this processing is high-quality granules used by manufacturers to create new, sustainable products. In doing so, we return material to the cycle and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

We create “fuel of the future” – Alternative fuels

One of Eneris group’s strengths lies in plastic recycling, allowing us to recover material value, provide an alternative to primary resources, and produce alternative fuel (RDF) as a replacement for fossil fuels. RDF serves as an energy resource for cement plants, power plants, and combined heat and power plants.

Batteries & Accumulators – Harnessing the Potential

We professionally and in an environmentally conscientious manner engage in the recycling of batteries and accumulators. We continue to work on new solutions aimed at utilizing the “black mass” (the main component of batteries and accumulators).

We have increased the stream of serviced resources

We have expanded our potential for sustainable development and innovative solutions related to the circular economy. As a complement to the value chain offered by Eneris, the acquisition of Bioproten has enhanced the flow of serviced resources. Bioproten specializes in collecting and processing expired food waste, kitchen waste from gastronomy, and by-products of animal origin.