Zarki, Poland


Battery value loop
We collect, dismantle
and recycle lithium batteries

Eneris B&R operates a 27 370 Mg/year permitted lithium battery recycling plant in Europe.

Mechanical processing enables us to recover the valuable Li-Ni-Co compounds (black mass), as well as copper, aluminium, ferrous metals and polymers. Other materials are also recovered and circled back into the market.

We are: highly efficient, sustainable, low-energy.

We offer a comprehensive solution than can be traced and monitored inside the European Union

When lithium battery waste is generated, it needs to be handled professionally and in accordance with the applicable regulations. We offer one of the few available local solutions in Europe, with demonstrated efficiency on the management of production waste as well as end-of-life batteries.

We are sustainable

From plant development, products recovery to optimised eco-efficiency. B&R solutions help to make world more ecological. We ensure that batteries are treated and recycled in a sustainable way and valuable raw materials are recovered with optimised environmental impact.

We are innovative

We have developed most efficient practices for dismantling and treating lithum battery waste, reaching up to 95% recovery rates and producing high grade black mass, copper, copper, aluminium and RDF.

We recover high grade compounds of cobalt, nickel and lithium (black mass)

as well as copper, aluminium

and polymers (alternative fuel)

ENERIS B&R Sp. z o.o.

61 Myszkowska Street, 42-310 Żarki, Poland

phone: +48 734 217 940

mail: [email protected]