Innovative Approach

Our goal is to make efficient use of waste, which contributes to reuse in various industries.

In a pioneering approach to energy transition capital, we operate under the ESG aspect of environmental, social and governance sustainability criteria. Our goal as the Eneris Group and all companies is to make efficient use of waste, which contributes to its reuse in various industries.

At Eneris Group we focus on environmental protection. We efficiently recycle waste, minimizing the negative impact on the planet. We strive for efficient use of resources and waste reduction.
Our company cares about relationships with local communities. We support projects that benefit local residents and create social capital. Our actions is not only business, but also a responsibility to people.
Corporate governance
Activities are based on the principles of corporate governance. Attention to transparency, ethics and accountability is a priority for us. We work with experts to achieve the highest standards of governance.

Eneris Group’s business model based on the circular economy

The business model rooted in the circular economy serves as our starting point for envisioning effective and engaging organizational development while transforming the face of our surrounding environment. Key values for all Eneris Group employees include shared responsibility and multifaceted action in pursuit of our vision and mission.

In practice, we offer comprehensive solutions for municipalities and businesses in environmental protection, spanning municipal and raw material management, renewable energy production (including waste, sewage sludge, and biomass), and sewage water management.


We firmly believe that effective environmental protection hinges on a holistic approach, collaboration, and tailored solutions aligned with stakeholder needs. Our organizational experience underscores that conventional, fragmented approaches to environmental protection, including waste management, fall short. It is essential to grasp the broader context, understand interconnections, and dependencies. Only then can we ensure economic and environmental efficiency.

Within Eneris Group, waste is a valuable resource from which we can recover precious substances, materials, and energy for industrial and household use. This approach is known as the circular economy.


As a responsible organization, we strive for continuous development and improvement of all processes. Through our past actions and efforts, we are perceived by our stakeholders as a trusted partner in efficient resource and energy management for municipalities and businesses. We invest significant energy and effort to maintain our reputation as a company with a large team of employees.

Key values on which we base our current operations and development:

Compliance with the main objective: Environmental protection in Poland – All activities are aimed at achieving this priority goal. We strive to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment through responsible management of resources and processes.


Implementation of the waste management strategy within the Eneris Surowce Group of companies – The strategy assumes further development of the already created modern, comprehensive waste management system for each client. We strive to maximize the use of resources through recovery and processing.


Innovative technologies – We use the latest technologies that minimize the impact on the environment. Low-emission solutions contribute to the protection of air, soil and water, which is consistent with our vision and mission for the entire Group.


Cooperation and partnership – We establish long-term, collaborative and ethical relationships with suppliers and partners.


Compliance with legal and environmental requirements: – We ensure full compliance with environmental regulations. Our activities are transparent and consistent with applicable standards.


Employee safety and environment – We try to minimize the risk of health problems for our employees. Safety is our priority.


Cooperation with local authorities: – We actively and fully engage with stakeholders to achieve our goals.