ID Project


ENERIS ID Project S.A. conducts operations within the ENERIS Group related to brand management, strategic development, talent acquisition and raising capital.

History of our brand

  • First companies created by Artur DELA in France in 1991
  • Current group created in Luxembourg in 1998
  • Early recognition of the Environment Protection challenge: energy transition, initially implemented  in the renewables industry and expansion into waste/water management
  • Brand and activity based on the founder’s ideas – the market has a limited impact on both ENERIS brand vision and it’s business models.

The Concept of the Founding Brand Today

  • Today the concept of the founding brand with its mission and values constitutes a very coherent outline of the ambitious scope of ENERIS activities.
  • It presents a steadfast commitment to finding answers to the key challenges facing mankind with ENERIS as a solution focused service brand.
  • As it is visionary, complex and powerful, it poses a challenge to B2B and B2C, employees, stakeholders, and end clients.

Eneris Group is controlled by Artur Dela, an entrepreneur and investor, born in Poland and educated in France, with previous experience in international corporations and investments in multiple jurisdictions. He has taken part in some of the most important innovation cycles of our times: IT, Digital Media, telecommunications, renewable energy and ESG: Apple Computers launch in 1984 (BBDO), European partner of DirecTv, 1st private shareholder of Eutelsat (a €2bn transaction 2001-2006) – since 2005 focused on energy transition (wind farms & PV in Italy – successful exit to Allianz) and a holistic approach to environment related infrastructure and services (waste, water, energy). Eneris is a result of his experience and convictions. His current activities are solely dedicated to the group.

Key Value Drivers Embodied in The ENERIS Brand:

  • Strategy and innovative business models
  • Efficient capital structuring
  • Top talent gap filling
  • High speed of execution
  • Building a long term “Mission Company”
  • ESG driven

Strategy and innovative business models

Short-term competitive advantage is created by exploiting existing business models. However, in the long term, all markets mature, competition intensifies and turbulence increases. That is why we are building strategies looking for new sources of growth and looking for new answers to the question of how to achieve lasting success.
Our experience shows that making a product purely with the intention of it meeting market demand does not lead to better business models - here, we dig deeper.

Efficient capital raising

ENERIS operates in local regulated markets and the processes of raising capital are strictly aligned to the best global practices of financing regulated companies.

Top talents

We make certain we have the right people in the right roles according to current and future business needs. We anticipate future needs by:

  • promoting and nurturing talents
  • preparing career development and succession plans
  • launching recruitments accordingly

High speed of execution

We believe that high speed of execution is the single most important differentiator for companies who consistently succeed in the marketplace when it comes to change and innovation. There are three qualities that we look for and try to link to the ENERIS Brand: opportunism, responsiveness, and speedy internal organisation.

A Mission and ESG Group

The ENERIS brand stands with all the group companies aiming to fulfil their Missions and implement their Visions within a clear framework of Sustainability and ESG.

The Company’s Executive Board Members
and Supporting Staff